Vietnam Ensures Sufficient Rabies Vaccines in 2018: Drug Administration

Rabies vaccines are sufficient to meet people’s demands this year, the Drug Administration of Vietnam, under the Health Ministry, affirmed in reply to the information about the lack of the vaccines due to the increasing demand in the first quarter of 2018, state media reported. The agency asked the Health Departments in cities and provinces to instruct local inoculation units to have plans to reserve vaccines, sign bidding or purchase contracts and have alternative measures in case that the current supply of vaccine faces unexpected insufficiency. There are currently four types of rabies vaccines allowed to be present in Vietnam, the agency said, adding that two more kinds of rabies vaccines will be imported to Vietnam from India at the end of May. Statistics of the Health Ministry showed that Vietnam recorded 18 deaths due to rabies in the first four months of 2018, mainly in rural areas. All of the victims did not go for vaccination after being bitten by dogs. (VTV, Nhan Dan – The People, Dai Doan Ket – Great Unity, Bao Tin Tuc – News, Vietnam Plus May 7)